Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Personal Safety and Security Abroad"

Note to Mama- this is a "we would rather you have this information and not need it than a this could seriously happen to you" information.

We recieved a "Personal Safety and Security Overseas" paper/sheets of paper. It had tons of info (read 8 pages) so I will include the main titles only. Well, expand on a few pieces that are intersing to me. Also, it has tons of really good info, and if you are interested me comment, or email and I will send a copy to you. So some of this is info I think others should know.

Air Travel
Ground Travel
At the hotel

If you become a Victim.
  • remain calm and alert
  • if the assailant demand property, give it upAgainst overwhelming odds (weapons, multiple assailants) try reasoning, cajoiling, begging, any psychologial ploy
  • If you feel your life in endangered and you decide to physically resist, commit to the decision with every fiber of your being. Turn fear into fury.

Yes you read that right. We have a section on personal safety overseas on kidnappping. Here it is in its entirity:

As an American/Westerner you may be targeted for kidnapping. Those who  perpetrate these crimes are either promoting a political agenda and//or seeking to gain financial ir political dividend. Travelers are highly advised to be aware whether there is a history or rik (known threats, tareting) of kidnapping in places they attend to travel and take necessary precaitions {note to mama- there isn't}. Because histage situations vary greatly, the following considerations should be applied based on one's best judgement at the time:
-The US government policy not to pay ransom to kidnappers is firm.
-The gratest risk of physical harm exists at the point of capture and during a resue attempt or upon release.
-Remain cal and alert, exert control on emotions and behaviors.
-Be passively cooperative, but maintain your dignity.
-Assume an inconspicious posture, avoid direct eye contact with captors.
-Avoide resistance, belligerence or threatening movements.
Make reasonable, low-key requests for personal compforts (bathroom breaks, a blanket, exercise, books to read, etc.)
- If questoned keep your answers short. Volunteer nothing.
-As a captive situation draws out, try to establish some rapport with your captors.
-Avoid discussing contentious issues (politics, religion, ethnicity, etc)
-Establish a daily regiment to maintain yourself physically and mentally.
-Eat what your captors provide. Consume little food and drink. Avoid alcohol.
-Keep a positive, hopeful attitude.
-Attempt to escape only after weighing the risks and when you are certain to succeed.
So here you go- how to avoid a getting kidnapped, but if you do, here you go, directions on what to do.
See you around the globe!


Daniel Pout said...

I really loved the 'psychological ploy' part. I need to learn some of those ploys just in case.

Mama said...

Thank you for the 'note to mama' info. :-)