Saturday, August 16, 2014

Excursions in Irkutsk

Kazan Catherdral

Hayley and I decided to go find this beautiful Orthodox Church that we had seen a picture of and drove by on our way to Olkhon Island. It was worth the walk, and if you like looking at beautiful paintings of a church motif, I recommend you to go here. Plus, you get your exercise.

Art Museum

This surprisingly well done museum (it looks run down from the outside/first entry), hosts two floors of art. I didn’t recognize any of the names, but it was beautifully done. They had a lot of portraits of Tsars and Tsarinas, more than I was expecting of Siberia. Also some far eastern art and a few (very few) modern art pieces. I essentially had the museum to myself, which made it nice to walk around and just enjoy.
Random statue garden had these little monkeys

See you around the globe!

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