Monday, July 29, 2013

Patterson School- University of Kentucky

Hello faithful readers!

Starting this fall, I will be attending the Patterson School at the University of Kentucky. This is a 3 semester graduate program that I will focus in diplomacy.

What's diplomacy? What can you EVER do with a degree like that? You might ask. Well, diplomacy is the bread and butter of foreign affairs. Be it with diplomats (think the place that John Kerry runs) and Ambassadors or with multi-national corporations or with non-governmental relief organizations. In other words, any place that needs communication, negotiation, or a cultural reference understood- diplomacy is your go to person.

One of the cool benefits of the Patterson School is the many exploratory trips you will take to go see different corporations in Kentucky, and around the country. Be on the look out for these updates! In addition, I, of course, will be doing some exploring of my own with my hubby and visiting friends.

See you around the globe!

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