Friday, March 23, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Weekend!

The weekend started on Friday when four of us went to see Swan Lake at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet. Jen came over from Tetovo to join us for the lovely weekend. We met up with Aryn and Claire around 8pm to go see the ballet. When we arrived, we discovered that we had second row seats! SECOND ROW! For only 400 MKD/$8.56 USD, so yea, anyone else get that good of a price this weekend?

This weekend, I was reminded of how many people I now know in Skopje and how much of a “big village” this country is. I saw Daniel & Anjie and Sarah & Marissa there. Neither of which I really knew were going.  Then the next night, I ran into a few other people I knew at the Irish Pub.

After the ballet, we went out to this delicious kebab place in Charshija/Old Town. We found it when Hyun, Chris and Ryan were in town. They have traditional Macedonian food. Including Tavche Gravche, kebabchina (meat sausages), shopska salad, ajvar, pindjuar. The meat eaters had some of the kababchina. The rest of us had everything else on there. Eventually a few other friends joined us for a drink. In true, Macedonian style, it lasted from 10:30 until 2am ish. We decided to not go out that night, so that we could go out on Saturday for St. Patrick’s day!

So the next day, Jen, Erin and I went up to Old Town/Bit Bazar to look for some things to fix our toilet and some yarn for Erin. We were able to find both and green mascara!! And we got Jen’s knock off purse fixed! Then we found dishes for our apartment. Erin and I have some old plates that are breaking in every which way. Then we caught a bus back and I was exhausted. I think I did too much this day. Erin had to work, so Jen and I went to this new Thai place to pick up take out food! Yummy curry, that is more hot than flavorful, but still good. When we got back, I ate some food and then promptly took a nap for two hours.

Then we got ready and headed out to the Irish Pub! It was packed, but we arrived at the right time to get a small table. There was a bunch of us! Nevenka, Aryn, Jen, Erin, Gordona, Jen’s co-worker, and  Vancho. And in true Macedonian style, we saw other people that were there that we knew! So much fun, even though they didn’t have any Irish Cream. How can an Irish Pub not have Irish Cream on St. Pat’s Day? But we had a lot of fun sitting at talking to each other! At the end of the night, Nevenka/Erin/Jen/Vancho went out dancing, but I was still exhausted, so I went home! Such a spoil sport. But I was thinking ahead to staying healthy for the next weekend.

See you around the globe!

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